Elizabeth playing flute

Imagine your long anticipated letter into the Conservatory of your dreams arriving in the mail and the exhilarating rush of excitement when you open the letter and read the words, “you have been accepted into the program.” Having Elizabeth as your flute teacher will make this your reality.

Elizabeth, the finest flute teacher in the metro Atlanta area, is an inspirational musician who has impacted countless lives through her breathtaking performances and unsurpassable teaching skills. Join her elite group of students that have been accepted to their School of Music of choice and revel in the brilliance and knowledge you have obtained.

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Elizabeth’s Teaching Philosophy
As a flute studio teacher, I believe that students first need to know the fundamentals of the flute.
Flute Studio
Elizabeth helps students attain self fulfillment through their individual musical journeys. Any student working in her studio finds all aspects of music to be at his or her fingertips.
A Brief Introduction to the History of the Flute
The flute is known to have been a thriving instrument from the Stone Age to the present. Through the years there have been many modifications to the mechanics of the instrument and how the instrument itself is used.