Elizabeth playing flute
Elizabeth with Trevor Wye
Hanging out with the ever memorable Trevor Wye
Elizabeth with Trevor Wye
Marianne Gedigian
Elizabeth with Keith Underwood
Playing with Keith Underwood at a masterclass
Elizabeth with Jonathan Snowden
Performing in a masterclass for Jonathan Snowden
Elizabeth with Linda Mark
After a wonderful performance of Neilson’s Flute Concerto with Linda Mark at the Annual Florida Flute Convention 2009
Elizabeth with Jeanne Baxtresser
Renowned flutist Jeanne Baxtresser and I
Elizabeth with Kristen Stoner
Posing for the camera with Dr. Kristen Stoner, my undergraduate teacher at the University of Florida, after my recital
(Flute Chin!!!)
Elizabeth with Trevor Wye
In a masterclass with Trevor Wye
Elizabeth with Suman Sharma
Warming up for a tambourine performance with a friend Suman Sharma playing sitar (She is also a fellow flutist!)