Elizabeth playing flute

Here are a few words from colleagues, students, and parents about my playing and teaching throughout the years. Enjoy!

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Tyson Farmer, Colleague
“Elizabeth is a joy to work and play with! Her attention to detail and her dedication to making the music have its own voice and story inspires me to work harder every time. She has an obvious and impressive amount of formal training under her belt, but still manages to stay humble and maintain a great attitude and hunger for learning new skills and perspectives toward music and performance. And most importantly, she has a great sense of humor that keeps things fun even when she's working hard.”
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Tim Crump, Composer
“Elizabeth has approached my music with intense commitment and enthusiasm. She plays even the most difficult and unusual passages with a gorgeous tone and innate lyricism.”
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Jade W, Student, College
“Elizabeth has been nothing but an inspiration to me over the years. I used to be very shy with my flute playing and she broadened my horizons by encouraging me to have confidence and be the best I can be. Thanks to her I learned piccolo and sharpened my piano skills. Without her I never would have become drum major of my marching band or have made it into Allstate.”
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Annie L, Student, 11th grade
“I’ve been a student of Ms. Elizabeth’s for about three years now, and during the course of those three years, she has completely changed my perspective on flute. When I first began lessons in the eighth grade, I figured that flute (and band) was no more than another chore to check off on my path towards constructing a “well-rounded” image for myself for the sake of future college applications, but once I started lessons, it became something more than that. Rather than just teaching the technicalities of flute playing, Elizabeth teaches her students to channel their energy and power into their music. She often reminds me that flute was not something to feel burdened by but instead something to find enjoyment and inspiration in. She even managed to transform the task of learning to sight read from something that I absolutely despised to the thing I looked forward to most during my lesson. The energy and passion she puts into her lessons always transfers over to both my mood and my flute playing; she’s a happyvirus, and it’s always such an enjoyment to walk in to her class. I’ve had many private teachers and tutors for music and artistic skills alike, but it is safe to say that she has always been one of my favorites.”
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Grace P, Student, 11th grade
“Taking flute lessons with Elizabeth for the last six years has been one of the best decisions I have made. Elizabeth has taught me everything I know about flute and music. Even more importantly, she is a wonderful person and has helped me improve my work ethic and acted as a mentor to me every step of the way.”
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Annabelle P, Student, College
“I began taking lessons with Elizabeth with very little piano experience, although I had experience as a flute player. Almost two years later, I can now say that I have not only grown as a piano player, but also as an overall musician. Elizabeth is truly dedicated to not only teaching the music, but also connecting with each of her students in a unique way. Elizabeth will make an effort to get to know you as a person, and is incredibly understanding. She truly cares about her students and about making sure that each one can accomplish their goals—whether it be simply learning how to play a scale, or even auditioning for the All-State Band. Although I wish I could have had Elizabeth for longer before leaving for college, I am incredibly lucky to have had her as a teacher even for a short amount of time. I can definitely say that choosing Elizabeth as my piano teacher was one of the best decisions I ever made.”
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Simone VP, Student, 9th grade
“I started piano lessons when I was about 10 years old. My first teacher did not care and was mostly in it for the money. He was always cancelling lessons. My second piano teacher was very strict. She was all about the theory and no emotion. I only had her for a few lessons though, before I met Elizabeth. She is the perfect combination of strict and relaxed, and has progressed my learning further than any other teacher I’ve had. She is very funny and laid back, yet she also gives out homework and assignments. She always puts her students first and I think that’s an important quality. She will do whatever it takes to guarantee success for her students.”
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Dr. Chitra S, Parent of 7th grade student
“Ms. Elizabeth is a patient, level-headed, easy-going and fun person and teacher. My daughter has benefited immensely from her flute lessons with Ms. Elizabeth over the last two years, and her lessons have resulted in wonderful opportunities such as being selected into the County Honor Band program.”
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Archana P, Student, 7th grade
“Ms. Elizabeth is a wonderful, interactive, helpful teacher who goes the pace of the student, and will help if necessary. With helpful tips and tricks she allows the student to strive and do well in band, independently, and everywhere.”
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Abbie O, Student, 9th grade
“Elizabeth Saller is a great teacher. From my very first piano lesson with her I knew she was gonna be an excellent teacher. She is patient and encouraging and I love her upbeat and positive attitude. I find her teaching style to be fun and exciting which makes me look forward to class each week. She's fun and a little crazy but we get along very well and I wouldn't want anyone else to teach me how to play piano.”
Maddy photo
Maddy M, Student 11th grade
“Elizabeth is such a great teacher. She took me from being not so great to making it past the first round of Allstate. But that's not all, she also is super caring and has a warm personality.”
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Michael R, Student, 11th grade
“She's a very fun teacher to work with and provides constructive criticism on your playing.”
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Caitlin M, Student, 10th grade
“Lessons are a wonderful way to grow and improve as a musician. Making the decision to participate in lessons has made me a more motivated and determined player. Ms. Elizabeth is genuinely in love with the world of music which makes lessons fun and effective. I am thankful to be able to work with her and become the best player I can be.”
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Khushi S, Student, 8th grade
“Ms. Saller is an amazing teacher! She is very passionate about what she teaches and works to make a special bond between each and every one of her students. She has helped me grow not only as a flute player, but as an individual as well. It is an honor being one of her students!”
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Erica C, Student, 12th grade
“Ms. Saller has been a great teacher to me, she is compassionate and always pushes me to do my best. She always finds creative ways to help me understand concepts that would be otherwise difficult to explain. She has helped me gain confidence and become a better musician.”
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Alicia W, Student, College
“Elizabeth is a phenomenal teacher and friend because she encouraged me to go above and beyond with my musical endeavors. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their musical skills.”
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Suma V, Student, 8th grade
“Ms. Saller is an amazing teacher. She corrects us on our mistakes and tells us how we can make it better. She is just so great and I'm so lucky to have a great teacher like her!”
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Evan M, Student, 8th grade
"I thought I was good at flute before, but I'm so much better after taking lessons with Ms. Elizabeth. She makes the lessons fun and is very understanding, while always pushing me to be better. She knows everything there is to know about flute, and she can answer any and all questions I have. She is very passionate about the flute, and she motivates me to try hard and get better."
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Zuzana C, Parent of 8th grade student
“Elizabeth has been teaching Hannah since she was 7 years old. She teaches with excellent intuition, structure, fun/games and when required discipline providing an important foundation, love and interest in music. She gives each lesson 110% providing so much knowledge and encouragement to stay engaged and focused. My husband and I are very fortunate that we have the opportunity to work with Elizabeth for six years.”

I’ve had some friends and acquaintances ask me why I am happy all the time. This page shows me why. I get to work with some of the brightest, most ambitious, and loving people. If you would like to add a testimonial, feel free to contact me.