Elizabeth playing flute
Elizabeth’s Teaching Philosophy

As a flute studio teacher, I believe that you first need to know the fundamentals of the flute. Knowledge of how the modern flute came into existence, how tone is produced, the importance of key placement, and how your body is your instrument, nutritionally, physically, and mentally, is the foundation of learning for a flutist. Then, after having well-established fundamentals, you can learn the proper use of the flute and work your way to becoming a proficient musician. After developing fine-tuned skills on the flute, you can then contemplate if you wish to teach, perform, or join any other part of the music world. Concrete knowledge of the instrument is key to success.


No student is the same, so it is extremely important that you are able to find your own individuality in music. Every person learns and develops talents at a different pace and therefore you have different goals and ideas of what you want to get out of your studies. I strive to meet the individual accommodations for your goals by creating an individualized well-rounded curriculum design that has clear objectives. Depending on your aspiration as a musician, essential topics covered include the history of the flute and performers, influential flute pieces in solo, ensemble, and orchestral repertoire, different flutes from around the world, how to record the flute, and much more. These varying topics help develop better musical skills, the desire to improve, and interests in particular subject matter. It is also important to me that I teach you how to continue to learn and stay motivated without my guidance. You will be able to create your own identity within the musical world and you will have all the tools you need at your disposal in order to achieve your goals.

To me, being a musician is sharing what you are most passionate about in life with others. Through this passion, we are able to inspire others to feel and express emotion while experiencing life. Positive influences promote productivity and help develop proficient and knowledgeable musicians. A positive environment with numerous resources such as appropriate recordings, books, and literature will promote creative thinking, good practice habits, and critical discussions among you and me. You must feel comfortable in your environment to explore new ideas and experiment with different ways to play the flute. I will enjoy inspiring and motivating you to reach your true and full potential as a musician and help you find your musical identity.